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Workers service vouchers are not soluble in political projects

In summary, the proposal DLI is to "cannibalize" the financial resources assigned to the device Service checks to finance the sector assistance to individuals and families.

Federgon and its members believe that this proposal, based on the recognition of the lack of funding for these two systems, yet prioritized, is harmful and impractical. First, because the philosophy of the services of the two sectors is different in so far as they serve different needs. Second, because the lack of resources is not absolute. It is a question of priorities and we must think about new ways of funding. There are tracks. Third, because the profitability of the service voucher is problematic and will not be found by the improved link aid sector to the person. Last but not least, because making the assumption of labor mobility service vouchers, leading them to spend, of course, to the area of ??medical care, is an illusion.

Arnaud Le Grelle, Director Wallonia-Brussels in Federgon, "the Service Vouchers are not a job springboard to other sectors. And many reasons for this: one sector which has seen a continued increase in wages over the past decade, the diversity of employers in the market, flexibility in terms of allocation privacy-professional life, overall system improvement year after year etc. ".

The new Walloon Government in its Declaration of Regional Policy and the Minister-President of the Walloon Parliament Magnette have taken options that appear in the eyes of Federgon more promising and less risky at this point. "Federgon intends to enroll in the lines of this search for maximum efficiency means and devices. But in keeping with the values ??of each, "says Arnaud Le Grelle.


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