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Agriculture recruitment business launched

The service which draws together potential applicants and farms requiring skilled staff together by means of a personal recruitment service rather than purely advertising either on line or through the press.

HOPS Operations Director, Glyn Smith, said, “We (HOPS) are the unique position of having direct contact with a large number of young people through the young farmers network as well as a large database of skilled Eastern Europeans which many farmers like.”

HOPS has operated the service for some considerable time in the Horticultural Sector, but with feedback from NFYFC it was felt that this service would be beneficial to the industry as a whole.

Smith added, “Many employers don’t have the time nor or sometimes the skills to recruit properly which sometimes leads to employing inappropriate staff which can prove to be a very expensive exercise.  To our knowledge there is nobody else in the marketplace offering this level of service in recruitment”



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