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Amadeus FiRe Group reveals 12.7% sales revenue increase

There was the same number of billable days in the reporting period as in the same period of the previous year. All services of the Amadeus FiRe Group contributed to the sales improvement.

&middot         Temporary staffing                                   15%

&middot         Interim and project management           8%

&middot         Permanent placement                             10%

&middot         Training                                                         5%

At EUR 50,434k, the gross profit after three quarters is up 12.7% on the previous year’s figure of EUR 44,752k. The gross profit margin was unchanged year-on-year at 42.3%. Slight improvements in the margins of all three personnel services were neutralised by a decline in the margin for training services.

Selling and administrative expenses increased to EUR 30,788k (previous year: EUR 27,671k). The increase of 11,3% was essentially due to personnel expenses. In addition to general salary increases and additional staff in the sales organisation, expenses for performance-based remuneration rose significantly.

EBITA climbed by EUR 2.559k or 14.9% to EUR 19,690k (previous year: EUR 17,133k). The EBITA margin improved by 0.3 percentage points to 16.5% (previous year: 16.2%).

Earnings per share reach EUR 2.51 (previous year: EUR 2.18).

The goal of Amadeus FiRe sales organisation to increase productivity was achieved during the third quarter successfully. The demand situation for the services of the Amadeus FiRe Group has reduced slightly recently. As well macroeconomic factors develop worse than assumed. Based on the improved productivity level and the current order situation, the Management Board maintains the expectations that sales will exceed EUR 150 million and to achieve a higher operating result compared to fiscal year 2013.

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