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Boyden executive monitor finds omni-channel dominating consumer/retail sector

“Boyden’s global practice is geared around CEOs and C-suite executives who are citizens of the world and have a vision for every key market,” said Trina Gordon, President & CEO of Boyden World Corporation.  “Leaders of consumer/retail companies today must bring transformational skills, innovation and financial acumen in response to technology’s influence and rapidly shifting customer demands.”

The report covers major developments in the consumer/retail and luxury sectors that are expected to impact management acquisition into 2015, including the transformation of the retail experience, changing requirements for C-suite executives, the growing influence of middle management, and expansion of developing markets.

The report from Boyden also adds the following to the human capital equation:

&middot         CEOs say technology will transform business over the next five years

&middot         Developing markets are playing a bigger role in the industry than ever before

&middot         Growth of luxury markets is creating a dilemma of expansion versus exclusivity

&middot         Rising stock of executives with strong sustainability and CSR track records

&middot         Increasing influence of marketing analysts, app developers and social media gurus

“Technology and related companies are forcing a shift in strategy for many traditional consumer/retail organisations,” explains Lisa Gerhardt, Leader of Boyden’s Global Consumer Practice and Partner, Boyden UK. “CEOs and CMOs are taking on risks with even their best customers to offer better and more creative products and services to avoid being undercut by big online providers. Leaders are also building innovative cultures that are more responsive to rapidly changing markets and individual preferences.”

“A different type of talent is in demand with new forms of retailing on the rise,” said Antonio Sanchez, Boyden Board Member and Managing Partner, Colombia. “Companies want executives capable of constant innovation to keep up with or exceed market changes and customer expectations. This & lsquo;new breed’ of C-level executive is adaptable and assertive, and often brings a combination of consumer, technology and B2B experience.”

"While there are more consumers with increased spending power in China, new brands are still entering the market and existing brands continue to keep up with changing trends,” said Ami Bhatt Hardy, Managing Partner, Boyden Greater China. “The need to acquire talent that understands digital and online marketing is a critical requirement for companies in the branded and consumer products spaces."

The full Boyden Executive Monitor report is available at

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