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Global job board encyclopedia Jobboard Finder switch to freemium model

For this occasion the website launches a new offer: an 8-day Premium access. At the same time, Jobboard Finder continues the job boards registration and its evolutions, in particular with the addition of a score.

The e-recruitment market appeared in the late 90’s, when the first employment websites emerged. Since then, the number of job sites across the world exploded throughout the globe. “We have counted more than 3,000 job boards in the 5 continents, says Fran&ccedilois de Boutray, CEO of Aktor Interactive. In such a situation, it has become very difficult for recruiters to identify the right channels to advertise their jobs, especially when it comes to recruiting abroad.”

To address this issue, Aktor Interactive, the French e-recruitment media agency, launched the website last May, to help its clients find their way around. This new freemium model available on 3rd November will enable recruiters to benefit from a search engine and access job boards profiles for free. In order to celebrate this new model, a coupon was set at &euro50 for an 8-day Premium access.

The premium access provides advanced features such as a comparison tool enabling the users to compare up to 4 job sites at the same time. This access also provides more detailed data, such as the audience figures, for most of them measured by comScore, one of the global leaders in digital measurement and analytics. The audience measured by comScore or certified by authorities are undeniable proofs of the traffic on job sites. The job board’s price list, which include job posting, visibility products and CV database access, is also available on the Premium version.

Moreover, Jobboard Finder continues the job boards registration. Every week new job websites are referenced on the on-line encyclopedia. Jobboard Finder already references more than 500 job sites across the globe. At the same time, the website is continuously developing new features such as a score which will be added next week. This score is calculated according 5 precise criteria such as the up-to-date data, the profile’ completeness, the traffic figures certifications, etc&hellip “As we are e-recruitment experts, we really think it is our duty to share with the Jobboard Finder’s users all our knowledge, even the most complex one. The best way to do it was to give a score to the job boards” indicates Fran&ccedilois de Boutray.

About Aktor Interactive

Aktor Interactive is an international recruitment media agency established in France and operating at a worldwide scale.  Since the foundation in 1999, the agency advises international organisations every day on the most efficient media strategies to promote their employer brand and recruit the best candidates globally. When it comes to international on-line recruitment tools and media planning, Aktor is the recognised European leader. Jobboard Finder, its last worldwide innovation, proves it once again.



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