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Global Recruitment Network welcomes 4 new member-owners

Staff Smart Inc.(, San Diego, California, USA

Specializing exclusively in IT

EgoValeo, ( Rome, Italy

Focus on banking, insurance, engineering process, chemical process, alternative energy, administration, business development, executive management, information technology, and manufacturing 

Fideligencia(, Mexico City, Mexico

Specializing in hospitality, marketing / sales, information technology, life science, finance, and human services globally

Excellence In Recruiting(, Dallas, Texas, USA

Areas of focus include: accounting / finance, chemical, engineering, environment, oil / gas / refinery, therapists, aerospace, defense, electronics development, hardware / software engineering, IT administrators, IT analysts, IT developers, IT programmers, information security / cyber security, attorneys

“As a member-owned cooperative, each member firm is a part-owner of our network,” said Dave Nerz, president of NPA. “Independent recruitment agencies that join NPAworldwide are committed to increasing their service to clients and candidates by working together with other member firms and sharing the resulting fees. Congratulations to our new members who have made the decision to join NPAworldwide. We look forward to their success in our recruitment network.”

NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to independently-owned recruitment firms who meet the network's enrollment criteria and have a strategic interest in making split placements.

About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has more than 400 member offices with 1,200 recruiters in 30 countries on 6 continents. For more information, please visit


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