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One question can increase your chance of being hired by 800%

According to interim and executive recruitment specialist, Executives Online, that question is “how has your client engaged you?” 

Andrew Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer of  Executives Online, explained: “Companies work with recruiters in different ways and what a candidate can learn by asking this simple question will help them to determine whether to pursue a job opportunity or not. 

“At one end of the recruitment spectrum, companies may commission a recruiter to conduct a retained executive search.  This is where the recruiter has an exclusive contract to fill the role.  At the other extreme is the contingent recruitment arrangement, where the hiring company engages multiple recruiters to fill a role. By asking the one question “how has your client engaged you?”, job seekers will find out what arrangement the recruiter has with their client and will be able to assess the likelihood of the search resulting in success for them.

Executives Online’s data shows that retained, exclusive searches are 530 percent more likely to result in a placement for the recruiter than contingency searches. Furthermore, contingency searches are twice as likely to lead to no hire being made at all, owing to low commitment on the part of the client. All else being equal, these factors mean a candidate working with a retained search firm stands an 800 percent better chance of getting hired.

Nicholas continued: “Candidates can waste valuable time and energy in the contingency free-for-all and, especially for the senior executives we represent, this is a huge frustration.  The majority of our work is conducted on retained contracts for exactly this reason - we find that this provides both the candidate and the client with the best possible result.  Companies that invest in retained executive searches also have the benefit of added value products like our executive-intro&reg, which provides hirers with a 360 degree view of shortlisted candidates with videos, behavioural and competency-based profiles, and references, to guarantee an effective and efficient recruitment process.”



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