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Pasona Group Inc to acquire stake in subsidiary of Panasonic Corp

The company release, “With regard to the reasons for this acquisition, Pasona Group stated that it is part of the expansion of their solutions menu in order to address the need for business diversification and part of their business development and strategic investment.

It also referred to how since it was established as Panasonic’s outsourcing business, Panasonic Business Services Co Ltd pursues efficiency and safety through office infrastructure support and built an organisation which served as a one stop service for a wide variety of office type businesses, and contributed to increasing Panasonic Corp’s business efficiency and service.

Furthermore, through a mutually beneficial business relationship, Pasona Group aims to increase the business value of both companies through the 66.5% acquisition of Panasonic Business Services Co Ltd.

Pasona Group seeks to add to the already high level outsourcing service achieved by Panasonic Business Services Co Ltd, which is backed up by its long period of results for the Panasonic Corp, and by capitalising on its outsourcing results and staffing providing power, plan to establish a solid position in this field.”


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