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Peterborough salaries are on the up, finds survey

The data comes as UK-wide trends highlight wage increases hovering around the 1.2% inflation rate, showing Peterborough is in line with or slightly above national figures.

The Peterborough data comes from the Anne Corder RecruitmentSalary Survey, created in partnership with PayData. The survey was completed by a spectrum of locally based businesses from SMEs to global enterprises.

Anne Corder explains: “The survey, which has been running for 17 years, aims to help local businesses stay competitive and retain their staff.

“Survey participants receive exclusive access to a full and extensive report, including a break down of salaries for individual job roles. However, every year we release a core of the data to help a wider range of local businesses.”

PayData’s director, Tim Kellett, digs deeper into the results: “Finance and IT salaries have performed strongly over the past year, alongside specialist marketing roles, such as digital media.

“On the flip side, pay increases for some call centre and warehouse roles have been limited, perhaps as a result of the mix of employers in the local market. 

“At the moment, the rate of inflation is unusually low at 1.2% but it’s positive to see Peterborough in line with, and in some cases, surpassing national statistics. It bodes well for the year ahead and we are already looking forward to more encouraging signs in next year’s survey.”

This year’s results are presented in an infographic summarising the big headlines, including who has been better off in 2014 and what the average Peterborough employee can expect in company benefits.  


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