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Research reveals the right car could be key to luring talent

Recruiting the best and brightest can make all the difference to the success of a company, particularly to those SMEs that rely on a small team of committed and capable employees to grow their business from a start-up to a corporate success. The independent study also revealed the other key factors influencing a decision to join a small business, which include an opportunity to travel (14 per cent), good career progression (37 per cent), pension (29 per cent) and extra earning potential (32 per cent).

Louisa Bell, Commercial Director at Avis UK, commented, “Whilst we have seen some positive and reassuring signs around the UK economy over the past year, it is still a very competitive market and whether you are a FTSE 100 or a small niche business, attracting and retaining talent is vital to success. For SMEs recruitment can be the biggest challenge and they often lose out to more established organisations that are able to trade on their history and their brand. However, as our research shows, a range of additional benefits can make all the difference in swaying the perfect candidate’s decision in joining your business.”

Following on from the theme of recruitment and resourcing, when it comes to key business functions, the research revealed that just 6 per cent of SMEs currently outsource their business travel needs to a travel management company, fleet management service, or similar. With the number set to decline to 5 per cent in three years, the figures suggest that up to 95 per cent of small businesses are relying on internal resourcing to manage the business travel needs of their colleagues, instead of focusing on driving business growth.

As part of its Avis Business Solutionspackages, Avis UK offers a range of flexible and cost efficient services that are catered to the unique requirements of SMEs – both off-the-shelf packages, and those that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual customer. Customers can opt for short or long-term products (which can be extended or reduced with no charge or complication), delivery and collection, as well as a range of the latest premium models from the world’s leading automotive brands with no lengthy tie-in contracts. 

Breakdown of key findings

Outsourcing:  Which of the following functions do you currently outsource how is this likely to change in three years?

Business Function                           2014                       2017

Travel                                                      6%                          5%

Technology                                         21%                        21%

HR                                                            8%                        10%

Marketing                                             8%                          9%

Accounting                                         26%                        24%


Value of business travel: How important is business travel to the success of your business?

                                               Total UK SMEs                   Small sized bus.             Medium sized bus.

Very important                                   29%                                      25%                                        42%       

Fairly important                                27%                                      24%                                        41%       

Not very important                           16%                                      17%                                        11%

Not at all important                           27%                                      33%                                          5%

Planes, trains and automobiles: Whichmode of transport do you use to travel farthest for business and/or commuting during an average working week?  

Mode of Transport                          Split

Car                                                        50%

Train                                                      15%

Aeroplane                                           13%

Bicycle                                                  2%

Inner city train (tube)                       4%

Walking                                                  2%

Work from home                               9%

The reason: Which of the following is the most important factor to you when choosing this mode of transport?  

Reason                                                 Split

Convenience                                     36%      

Flexibility                                             16%

Travel Time                                         16%

Cost                                                       13%      

Comfort                                                 6%

Research methodology

Figures taken from two independent studies commissioned by Avis UK, and conducted by Atomik Researchand YouGovin September 2014 and April 2014 respectively. The Atomik Research study surveyed 1,000 people to assess the value of a company car in affecting the decision of a potential job seeker in accepting a role at a small business. It asked two questions: what level of influence does the type of company car package you’re offered as part of your contract, have in your decision in accepting a role at a small business? It also asked respondents to identify what are the most important factors influencing your decision to join a small company? YouGov surveyed 500 UK based SMEs a range of questions designed to shed light on the perception of business travel amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs.


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