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WCN Breakfast Seminar increase recruitment efficiency and improve quality

Speakers at the seminar, hosted in Central London on Friday 17th October 2014, include Sandra Walton, Senior Consultant and Kerry Bullen, Consultant from the Education Competencies Consortium (ECC).

ECC will explore how a competency based approach can improved discussions between HR, role holders and line managers, aiding the decision making process. They will show how a competency approach can strengthen best practice within recruitment, and how it provided ECC with an effective building block from the start.

ECC is a not-for-profit consortium of Higher and Further Education organisations, representing 125 universities across the UK. Using a competency based approach has enabled the ECC, to improve its recruitment process. Providing both talented academics and recruiting universities the opportunity to match the best jobs with the best candidates.

Also speaking at the seminar is Samir Khelil, Head of Global Sales at WCN. He will be demonstrating how the use of technology can support, increase efficiency and improve quality of hire.

Khelil comments: “Recruiters are always seeking top quality candidates, but are often up against budget restrictions. Online has revolutionised the way the recruitment market is able to work, and the introduction of competency based interviewing is the next logical step for many companies. It’s become increasingly popular as it’s a great way to predict a candidate’s future performance – but you need to have the right framework in place - to make it efficient.”

To reserve a seat at the breakfast seminar or for more information please contact WCN on


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