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Almost half of divorcing workers say divorce impacted on their effectiveness

What’s more, a further 25 per cent said that they needed to take more time off than normal and another 25 per cent said that they did not feel supported in the workplace during their divorce process.

These figures are surprisingly large and quite disappointing say divorce coach Liz Copeland: “It strikes me that if a HR person asks if someone is coping they’ll inevitably get the answer “yes”, even if that person is struggling. With such a large proportion admitting that divorce affected their productivity and effectiveness, it is an issue business really cannot afford to ignore.”

Divorce is a particularly difficult time on both the practical and emotional level.  Employees may have to cope with taking time off for court appearance and may be juggling new child care arrangements, moving home and dealing with family fall out, as well as working through all the emotions and feelings of lost that divorce can initiate. “Divorce can be compared to bereavement” says Copeland, “and shouldn’t be underestimated as a life change.”

Copeland recommends that HR can

&middot         Open up conversations so that employees are able to go to them at these difficult times

&middot         Actively look for practical solutions that are fair to everyone, in the case of needing time off for instance

&middot         Consider offering independent coaching to help employees through this time


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