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Bullhorn launches tool to automate onboarding process in UK

Launched in direct response to the rise in contract and temporary recruitment in the UK, Bullhorn Onboarding is designed to improve the contractor experience and provide operational efficiencies in the back office. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and centralises and automates all of the steps in the onboarding process. It enables recruitment agencies placing contractors and temporary workers to deliver a professional and fast new hire experience.

With Bullhorn Onboarding users can:

&middot         Create as many forms as clients demand

&middot         Automatically populate placement data including contractor name and address

&middot         Provide a secure login to a portal for candidates’ electronic signatures and easy completion of           documents

&middot         Track the progress of each candidate’s documents online

&middot         Send electronic reminders to candidates to ensure paperwork is completed on time

&middot         Focus on building candidate and client relations instead of administrative tasks

Peter Linas, international MD of Bullhorn, comments, “Contractor and temp recruitment is on the rise in the UK as today’s workforce becomes increasingly flexible. This is great news for recruitment agencies, but contractor recruitment comes with its own unique administrative challenges.

“Individual clients require custom letters, specific contracts, and a whole range of different forms before a contractor even turns up for work on day one. This is all down to the recruitment agency to manage, so we created Bullhorn Onboarding to help agencies with this process across a diverse client base. It dramatically reduces the time between placement and onboarding and helps agencies retain the best candidates and improve client relationships by ensuring a seamless onboarding process. This means recruiters can focus their time on billable activity without worrying about the admin challenges presented by contract recruitment.”

Brian Cunningham, director of Allen Recruitment, one of the first companies to sign up for Bullhorn Onboarding in the UK and Ireland, says: “Contractor and temporary recruitment is one of the fastest growing areas of our business but as our contractor base grows so does the associated risk of human error. Different clients have all sorts of different requirements when it comes to contracts and paperwork and we needed a solution that would automate this process, enabling us to focus our time on placing candidates, not on the admin side of contract recruitment.

“Bullhorn Onboarding integrates with Bullhorn CRM so all we need to do is input information for each client once, and the rest is taken care of. It’s already improving both client and candidate relationships by streamlining the onboarding process.”


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