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BVOH speeds up recruitment workflow and motivates higher performance with Talent Rover

BVOH was founded in 2004 with the mission to create the San Francisco Bay Area’s top accounting and finance recruitment firm. Since then, BVOH has built a reputation for finding top talent and serving as a trusted advisor to clients. BVOH serves companies ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.

For years, BVOH relied on a hosted Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that recruiters used to store candidate names, phone numbers and emails. The system could hold resumes, but recruiters had to manually copy and paste sections of each resume into the ATS, which was tedious and time-consuming. Recruiters felt that the search capabilities were antiquated and unreliable.

“At the beginning of an assignment, the first thing we used to do was open LinkedIn,” said Tyler Hubbs, Partner at BVOH. “There were thousands of contacts in our database, but no one was using it. There was no point to entering candidates and resumes into our ATS when we couldn’t find them later. We felt it was time to stop using LinkedIn as our ATS.”

Solution: Move to a Modern, Cloud-Based Solution

In fall 2013, Tyler began the search for a new recruitment solution. His goal was to a find a more user-friendly CRM/ATS with better search capabilities, powerful reporting and faster data entry tools.

After demoing several solutions, Tyler and his colleagues narrowed their choice to Talent Rover and one other system, and they ultimately chose Talent Rover. They preferred the user-friendly interface, faster navigation and more straightforward database. Talent Rover’s use of the Salesforce Platform, known for its cutting edge mobile and cloud technology, was also a key factor in BVOH’s decision.

“Our Account Executive at Talent Rover was a former recruiter who really knew the business and the product – he was the best salesperson we worked with during our entire search,” said Tyler. “Implementation was very good. I can’t say enough nice things about the team and their level of customer support. They were quick to respond, eager to help and wonderful about communicating and sending regular updates.”

Results: BVOH Uses Talent Rover to Gain a Competitive Edge

BVOH began using Talent Rover in June, 2014. The solution significantly changed the way that recruiters find candidates, track performance and collaborate as a team. In particular, several Talent Rover traits and features stood out to BVOH:

1.            Categorization and Search Capabilities Make the Recruitment Workflow Faster          

Whereas before, BVOH recruiters avoided searching in their ATS because it took too long, they now search by category in Talent Rover to quickly build a shortlist of candidates. The recruiters can now categorize candidates by multiple qualifications and experience levels. This is particularly important for accounting and finance recruitment since clients often require specific certifications and experiences.  BVOH recruiters can now search LinkedIn and more than 100 job boards from within Talent Rover using the External Search feature.

“As soon as a request comes in, we can get a list of qualified candidates within minutes,” explained Tyler. “People now put immense effort into updating the system because they realize there is value to this.”

2.         Resumes are Now Easy to Enter and Search

BVOH constantly receives resumes, but recruiters used to avoid entering them because it took too long and the search functionality yielded disappointing results. Now, recruiters simply forward resumes to Talent Rover’s resume parser, which automatically uploads resumes into the system in a searchable format. Tyler reports that the tool has been “very reliable” and “saves the recruiters a ton of time.”

3.         Performance Tracking and Reporting are Now Simple and Unified

Before Talent Rover, recruiters at BVOH would enter call volume, daily emails, candidates interviewed, candidates submitted and other metrics into spreadsheets. To get any insight on individual and firm performance, BVOH’s leaders would have to collect this data from each recruiter and combine it together in a single spreadsheet. Now, candidates simply enter this data into fields in Talent Rover, and BVOH partners can instantly view performance and create reports using Salesforce’s drag-and-drop analytics.

“It’s a game-changer,” commented Tyler. “No one was entering metrics when we used spreadsheets. Now, everyone is incentivized to show what they’re achieving. The data is really easy to enter, it has improved accountability and it makes it much easier for us to manage and reward performance. Access to performance metrics also allows recruiters to manage themselves. They’re motivated to make more calls, and this leads to more revenue.”

4.         Teamwork and Communication Have Improved

With Talent Rover, BVOH recruiters now have visibility into everyone’s activities. If one recruiter submits candidates, the others can now see where the candidates are interviewing, which round they have reached and whether or not they have been placed as well as any notes related to the candidates. Before, BVOH partners had to call and interrupt recruiters to get updates about each candidate.

Going Forward: More Time, More Mobility

Talent Rover has become central to BVOH’s workflow. Recruiters are using it to minimize data entry, find candidates more quickly, track performance carefully and work as a team. The recruiters are enjoying these capabilities both on the desk and on the road with Talent Rover’s mobile functionality. Overall, the switch to Talent Rover has helped BVOH eliminate the pain points of their former ATS and gain a competitive edge in daily work.

In Tyler’s words, “BVOH is now more of a team. The visibility makes us smarter, more informed and better able to serve clients. I wish we could have done this 10 years ago.”


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