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Education jobs increase by 32% as fears of a UK teacher shortage looms

Vacancies in the education sector in particular have continued to grow following fears of a skills shortage in the area.

Industry Employment Trends

Top growth industries (year on year) – change compared to October 2013

1.     Transportation (up 46%)

2.     Real Estate (up 42%)

3.     Hospitality (up 37%)

4.     Construction (up 35%)

5.     Education (up 32%)

Top growth industries (month on month) – change compared to September 2014

1.     Education (up 7%)

2.     Real Estate (up 5%)

3.     Financial Services and Banking (up 5%)

4.     Accounting (up 5%)

5.     Transportation (up 4%)

Key stats:

-       All industries had an increase in job postings in October, aside from Media which remained the same

-       Overall, the Retail sector had the highest number of job postings in October 2014, with 163,627 positions available, although overall the sector only grew by 3% this month

-       The finance and banking sector entered the top 5 growth industries for the first time this year

-       Job postings within the Real Estate, Transportation and Construction sectors have consistently grown this month

-       Outside of London, Birmingham and Manchester are the largest UK employment hubs for education-based jobs

Commentary from David Rudick, VP International Markets,

“It’s interesting to see that despite jobs in the education sector rising by 32% since October last year, demand from job seekers for these roles has flat lined in the same period,  supporting recent fears that the sector could be experiencing a skills shortage. Fears of a teacher shortage have been looming in the UK following Labour analysis this year, which showed that the number of teacher vacancies across state-funded schools has doubled since 2010. Coupled with the expectation that the number of school children in the UK is expected to increase by 800,000 over the next decade, this is a concerning statistic. Currently, there are around 90,000 teaching jobs available on Indeed.

The finance and banking sector entered the top 5 growth industries for the first time this month, as searches for finance vacancies hit an all-time high for 2014. On there were 2.5 million searches in October alone. Accounting roles received the most searches amongst finance jobs.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Retail industry, which witnessed significant growth in September, did not peak further in October despite the UK being on the edge of the Christmas season. However, it still enjoyed the highest number of job postings of all sectors this month with 163,627 positions available.”


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