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Fee Catcher & Talent Rover partner to help staffing firms use big data to catch missed fees

Fee Catcher, maker of automated candidate tracking software which alerts staffing firms when they’ve made a successful placement, and Talent Rover, a provider of cloud&shybased software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, today announced a partnership to bring the benefits of automated fee monitoring to Talent Rover’s customers. With Fee Catcher, Talent Rover customers can now improve profitability by scanning the candidate submission data in their account for missed revenue opportunities.

The fast&shypaced nature of the staffing industry makes it difficult to track candidate placements manually, and many firms have learned the hard way that clients and candidates don’t always notify them when a successful placement occurs. As a result, many hard&shyearned placements go unnoticed, resulting in missed revenue. With Fee Catcher, Talent Rover customers are alerted when a successful placement is made, so they can collect the fees owed to them.

“One in 500 candidate submissions is hired without recruiters’ knowledge,” says Jon Guidi, CEO of Fee Catcher. “An estimated $1 billion is lost to missed placement fees each year, and Fee Catcher has already found millions of dollars in missed fees for our customers. By partnering with Talent Rover, we’re making tracking a more efficient and profitable experience for staffing and recruiting firms.”

“This partnership is a major win for our customers,” said Brandon Metcalf, COO of Talent Rover. “Having managed a staffing firm, I know how challenging it is to stay on top of candidates you've submitted and tracking their eventual placement. By automating this process, Fee Catcher will eliminate the burden of tracking previous submittals and free our customers to focus on the next placement." 



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