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Morgan Hunt partners with The Telegraph Business Club

What is The Telegraph Business Club?

The Telegraph Business Club was set up to help and inspire budding dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs with a series of videos  focusing on organisations in technology, people, sales and operations, revealing case studies of innovative businesses to help grow entrepreneurial efforts.

Why Morgan Hunt?

The business world is full of stories of companies that have had to diversify in times of crisis.

Morgan Hunt has long been regarded as one of the most respected recruitment agencies in the UK specialising in the public sector – particularly prominent in social housing, property, healthcare and education. It is these strong roots in the public sector that meant the recession was acutely felt by Morgan Hunt.

Austerity measures imposed on the public sector by the coalition government was a very real threat to this organisation’s main revenue stream.

This film tells of a recruitment agency that had the foresight to not only diversify and expand into aligned private sector markets before the austerity measures took hold but also- identified an opportunity in the public sector that was ring-fenced by government changes.

As a result, Morgan Hunt has retained its position as a trusted recruitment partner in the UK.

Managing Director Sue Cooper talk about how Morgan Hunt changed its business strategy and the risk that came from getting it right.

Morgan Hunt is now established as a more diverse and successful recruitment agency. 

Watch the video to find out how Morgan Hunt's decision to diversify away from its speciality in the public sector has made it a more diverse and successful company here.


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