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Once an interim manager, always an interim manager?

Andrew MacAskill, Commercial Director, Executives Online explains: “Our data on over 100,000 managers and executives shows that candidates can be open to taking a permanent role despite declaring they are only interested in interim roles upon registration. Interestingly, candidates who are open to both types of roles are more successful at winning opportunities of all types being flexible has its rewards.”

“We see that executives seeking a new role are open to multiple opportunities, as 36 per cent of candidates registered for both interim and permanent roles. Our research reveals 60 per cent of interim placements and 53 percent of permanent placements were of candidates who showed that flexibility, which means they are disproportionately successful at winning either type of role, compared to candidates who only registered for one type.”

Executives Online believes that executives looking for a new challenge should consider the opportunity rather than the label of role or longevity of contract. One in six of Executives Online’s permanent placements are candidates who declared they had no interest in that kind of role, preferring interim.

Almost 10 per cent of interim placements are of candidates who said at registration they were interested only in perm roles. Executives Online believes firmly in the professional interim but knows that career paths are more fluid than the exclusive labels of “interim manager” or “permanent employee” imply.

MacAskill added, “We have always believed opportunity is more important than the type of role our business process doesn’t restrict our candidates to specific roles based on the type they have registered for. The reality is that many factors work together to create an ideal opportunity:  compatibility with the line manager and company leadership, relative autonomy in the role, and the firm’s competitive advantages relative to its peers, to name just a few. It is also important that we have a wide array of talent available to our clients, and sometimes the candidate with the most relevant experience may be the person who said they would never take a particular type of role. We encourage hirers, like candidates, to keep an open mind about how talent may best be identified and applied through an interim role or permanent employment.”



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