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Over a third unsatisfied with recruitment processes, candidate survey finds

The Cubiks Candidate Experience survey involved respondents from over 30 countries, with participants asked to rate and review their most recent recruitment experiences. While many reported positively, a significant proportion (35%) of candidates said they found their recruitment processes unsatisfactory, while almost a third (31%) reported that they were not left with a positive impression.

Cubiks has seen growing awareness among employers of the importance of the perception and experience of candidates. These results suggest that while the majority are looking to add value for candidates, a significant proportion of organisations are still failing to achieve this.

Nina Baum, Cubiks UK country manager, said, “Although most organisations recognise candidate experience as a crucial factor in recruitment processes, it seems that this knowledge is still filtering down into common practice. In our experience, employers who are brand and image focused are often more likely to prioritise these types of issues.

“For some organisations there is an obvious pressure to consider how their selection process affects those taking part. For example, big retailers often prioritise candidate perceptions, as they are motivated by the fact that their applicants may also be their customers. But this doesn’t mean that those in other sectors should overlook the importance of the candidate experience. If organisations want to position themselves as an & lsquo;employer of choice’ and compete for the best talent, they have to get this right.”

Candidates themselves are the best placed to provide input on how recruitment processes can be improved, yet only a quarter said they were asked for their feedback. When looking to review their approach, the first step any employer should take is to make sure they are not missing out on this valuable opportunity to learn from those taking part.

These statistics are taken from the preliminary findings of the Cubiks International Candidate Experience survey. An extensive report including the full findings will be available early in 2015. Please contact Cubiks if you would like to receive a copy when it is published.


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