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Retail Merchant Services appoints Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

With over 240 employees, Retail Merchant Services receives more than 15,000 applications every year in addition to 6,000 candidates who are pro-actively approached by its in-house recruitment team.  With a fast-paced growth trajectory forecast across the business, Retail Merchant Services recruitment requirements are also set to grow.

Prior to implementing the Vacancy Filler system, Retail Merchant Services used a manual process to recruit candidates, which was heavily reliant upon Excel tracking spreadsheets and a hardcopy filing system. As the company has grown, recruitment needs have increased substantially and the manual process was becoming too time-consuming, particularly with a team of recruiters managing multiple vacancies.  The company decided to automate the process, evaluating a number of recruitment software suppliers.  

Thanks to the functionality, job board integration and customised system the solution offered, Vacancy Filler was selected as Retail Merchant Services’ recruitment software partner. Within a week of going live the system has been used to efficiently manage over 50 candidates and has already led to several appointments.

In addition, the flexibility provided by the Vacancy Filler software allowed it to be tailored to existing processes, meaning its impact was immediate, negating the requirement for the recruitment team to undergo retraining to be able to operate the new system.

Colette Lamb, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Manager at Retail Merchant Services, said: “We were looking for a solution that could grow with us and streamline our recruitment. We wanted our candidates to be able to get maximum value from our website, and we needed access to reports on advert response, time to hire metrics and candidate engagement.” 

She continued: “The seamless integration with our existing careers page was one of the main reasons we purchased the Vacancy Filler system.  For us, it is critical that the Retail Merchant Services’ brand – something we have spent a long time developing and nurturing – is maintained throughout the user experience.”

Tony Brookes, Sales Director at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, said: “We were pleased that we were able to successfully migrate over 40 live recruitment campaigns for Retail Merchant Services whilst still ensuring that the system went live according to schedule and the system is already proving its worth.”

About Retail Merchant Services

Retail Merchant Services is an independent card processing provider that delivers secure and trusted services for small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

We enable flexible, cost effective, electronic payment options including chip and pin terminals, contactless terminals, telephone payments, online payments and mobile terminals to allow merchants to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

With a UK based call centre, we provide unparalleled customer service and all of our customers receive a range of membership benefits, which includes legal assistance and VAT investigation insurance.

As the largest independent payments provider in the UK, Retail Merchant Services manage over 32,000 customers and growing, including Toni & Guy, Sinclair, Swansea Football Club, Optimax and thousands of small businesses all over the country.


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