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RSA to provide benchmark for Executive Interims

The reason for the survey is to refine the understanding and value of Executive Interims in today’s competitive and changing market. To access the survey please go to:

Interim executives take immense pride in the services they deliver, who they deliver them to and the types of projects they see as attractive. They naturally seek commercial terms that reflect the value they will provide. The approach should be to understand the services an interim is prepared to deliver, the skills they bring, and how the value adds up against their proposed rate – which is often something that cannot be defined until a first meeting (post-endorsement) with the client.

“Hiring is one of the biggest challenges a company faces, and the process for bringing in an Interim executive can be equally complex,” said Dafydd Wright, Director of RSA Interims. “Figuring out the value of this B2B service, and what to pay for it is difficult. Whilst there are many formulae, an often used solution is to use anecdotal evidence from the past or to ask others.

“For the Interim as well, pricing – and justifying fees can be tough. At RSA we would like to make the process more data driven - for both the Interim Manager and client - by providing intelligence that enables the accurate benchmarking of fees, providing understanding of real market conditions for quality talent.

“Informed decision-making is about choice through excellent market intelligence, which can ultimately create valuable outcomes for all involved,” concludes Dafydd.



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