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The SR Group recruits Logi Analytics for embedded reporting

The SR Group has a huge amount of data in its CRM system that it needs to analyse to enhance its business development processes. Logi Info provides The SR Group with easy access to data in order to support best practices in recruitment and improve business performance.

Senior management at The SR Group will have access to a large suite of reports and will no longer need to spend time manually extracting data to review important metrics, as Logi Info provides this information instantly. The SR Group will also use this information to help identify trends which will in turn help in increasing efficiency in subsequent engagements and client service.

The SR Group selected Logi Info over a number of other business intelligence systems as it offered flexibility and control, enabling the Group to provide easily accessible information to its management and consultants. Stuart Pepper, IT Director, The SR Group said: “We really liked Logi Info as soon as we saw it in action. It has the ability to combine a wide range of data sources, which meant we could immediately see the value and advantages the system would bring us.”

The SR Group’s senior management will be provided with data to support informed business decisions. Pepper continued: “I was absolutely stunned by the speed at which we could deliver results with Logi Info. We had Logi installed and running within one hour, and were able to analyse a set of financial reports immediately. With Logi, we have the ability to manipulate data and report information in the way that we want it. As soon as our senior management saw what Logi could do, they were really excited. In addition, I really enjoyed working with the team at Logi Analytics. The support provided by Logi is second to none, and the advice available is superb. We certainly made the right choice when we selected Logi Info.”

Simon Ryan, Director of EMEA, Logi Analytics said: “The SR Group is a forward-thinking organisation that uses science to enhance the art of recruiting. With Logi Info’s simple to use analytics, consultants can get the information they need anyway they need it, over the Web or on mobile devices.”

Logi Analytics aims to enable enterprises to make better use of their data by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere. By providing both a Web-based data discovery solution and a business intelligence platform that can be embedded within applications, systems and processes, Logi Analytics aims to helps its customers from the C-suite to the factory floor to be more informed, make better decisions and improve corporate performance.


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