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Top UK recruitment agencies work with All Umbrella Companies Are Equal to review umbrella PSLs

With this in mind All Umbrella Companies are Equal have been working with top UK recruitment firms including the SThree Group and Max20 to review their Preferred Suppliers Lists to confirm that they are working with umbrella companies who are fully compliant with UK Employment and tax law and therefore present no risk to the recruitment agencies that work with them. All Umbrella Companies Are Equal undertake extensive due diligence checks including financial reporting and Employment Contract reviews to ensure that all aspects of compliance are evaluated.

Andy Hallett of SThree Group commented:

“The SThree Group considers compliance to be of the utmost importance for both in terms of its own protection and that of its customers. The quality of the tender process we follow to select the intermediaries we work with is paramount. SThree has an Approved Supplier List (ASL) and we were delighted to discover All Umbrella Companies are Equal, which will provide useful information and support for our business. It is great to see a group of companies that are working towards creating a level playing field for umbrella companies, educating recruiters and contractors on the benefits of working with compliant employment businesses and generally seeking to raise the standard of the industry.

With no official regulatory body or standard within the industry, All Umbrella Companies are Equal will become a trusted information source for recruiters and contractors who recognise the importance of due diligence.“

Claire Gibson from Max20 stated

“I have recently become the Compliancy Manager at Max20 (an agency that recruits purely for the NHS across the Country) and have found the All Umbrella Companies Are Equal site invaluable when researching Umbrella Companies for our PSL. The website is easy to use and explains everything in “user friendly” English!

The 11 point charter gives all the requirements needed for a reputable Umbrella Company to adhere to and from the point of view of an agency it shows the in-depth detail that AUCAE has gone into with each and every Company to ensure they are reputable and compliant and safe for us to work with.”

Lucy Smith, one of the founder members of All Umbrella Companies Are Equal commented “Unfortunately for recruiters, non-compliant umbrella companies are going to great lengths to present themselves as compliant with cover stories, which are both devious and complex. One review that we were requested to undertake revealed an umbrella company operating a & lsquo;mirror company’ which was registered in the UK, with UK bank accounts, that was actually a front for an offshore tax avoidance scheme.”

So, to use the old adage, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


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