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Blue Jeans Primetime reinvents the online event

“The way online events and broadcasts are done today, you have a massive barrier separating viewers and presenters, making the thousands of people who aren’t part of the conversation essentially invisible,” said Stu Aaron, CCO at Blue Jeans Network. “Many organisations want to interact with their audiences in an easy, organised, and controlled fashion, but are frustrated with the one-way nature of traditional streaming technology. We saw an opportunity to provide the easy, open, interactive experience that Blue Jeans is known for, in a service designed for large-scale events.”

Blue Jeans Primetime augments the flagship, Blue Jeans cloud-based video collaboration service, with new streaming capabilities to broadcast events to a worldwide audience, plus the ability for the moderator to switch participant roles between active participant, and passive observer, making it possible for speakers and their audiences to interact.

Blue Jeans Primetime has been in trials since early September with more than 20 customers, including RedHat and Wikia. In 2015 TEDx will be using Blue Jeans Primetime to connect organisers around the world, making it possible for their global community to meet face-to-face in large groups like never before. Additionally, they will be integrating it into their official knowledge sharing initiatives, which kick off in 2015.

"With over 3,000 yearly events spread across 165 countries, we have TEDx organisers in every corner of the globe. Online video is the perfect way for us to connect, and this tool's interactivity is making it possible for us to do this in large groups like never before,” said Alex Rudloff, chief digital strategist for TEDx. “We're excited about deploying the Blue Jeans Primetime product to keep our TEDx organisers better connected.” 

Several new capabilities make the Blue Jeans Primetime service ideally suited to support large- scale, interactive events:

•                     Role Switching: Attendees enter the event in view-only mode, and can virtually raise their hand and be “promoted” to actively engage with the presenters, ask questions, or become part of a panel and contribute to the conversation. 

•                     Present or View from Any Device: Presenters and attendees can join from a full range of video or audio devices, including room systems, computers, and mobile devices. 

•                     Self-Service: Blue Jeans Primetime makes large scale events easy and intuitive, without the need for a technician or hardware delivery. Organisers, moderators and attendees can easily schedule, join and view events, with the ability to raise their hand, share video/content, and interact with other participants. 

•                     Robust Moderator Controls and Options: Event hosts have moderator controls that allow them to mute participants, pin presenters, promote attendees, and record the meetings. Moderators can also prepare presenters in a “green room”-like setting before they go live. 

These features provide a compelling platform for the next generation of online events in the UK and Nick de Bois, MP, North Enfield agrees. He comments, “The UK has been at the heart of highly significant events over the last two years, including the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. These events were enormously successful, but to maintain this success in a globalised world, where events based in one country need to reach millions in other geographies, it is vital that UK businesses have access to not only the best physical infrastructure, but also digital tools and infrastructure. 2012 should not be the peak of our achievements but a catalyst to do even greater events.

That is why digital tools play an integral role in making these events – and indeed, our broader national communications, successful. Using technology that enables UK events to not only reach millions, but allows them to participate, is just one way of showing the commercial and collaborative pedigree of our nation.”

Blue Jeans Primetime is actively being tested by customers in limited availability, and will be generally available in Q1 of 2015. To learn more, visit:


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