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Digital divide will create a human problem in 2015, says KPMG

According to Tim Payne, a partner in KPMG’s People Powered Performance team, the result will be workplaces where the generational divide may become increasingly difficult to handle.

Payne says: “The digital divide that separates generations in the home will gradually creep into the workplace next year, as organisations adopt new technologies to stay ahead of the competition.  On the face of it new technology sounds like a good idea, but the challenge will be whether organisations can adopt new technologies quickly enough to satisfy employee need whilst ensuring everyone is able to get the most out of it.  Failure to do so may create conflict in the workplace with some people feeling empowered and others left behind.

Payne also believes that UK organisations will play a waiting game when it comes to further hiring.  He says: “Technological know-how will also combine with political uncertainty to give CEOs another headache.  With the General Election looming in the UK, oil price fluctuations and instability across Europe, CEOs will need to decide whether to continue to back growth in the UK and hire more people, or adopt a watching brief and pull back to see how events unfold before committing money and resources to their long-term development.”


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