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Kerslake review: Communication will begin to address Birmingham skills problems says Now Careers

Gary Redman, Managing Director of Now Careers, suggests that the first step to addressing this problem is to encourage transparent communication between businesses, candidates and the council.      

Gary Redman, commented: “Regular communication with businesses of all sizes from different industries will allow identification of the kind of skills which are needed within the area. We need to begin conversation with parties who are involved with the skills challenge this is broad, from education providers, to businesses, to candidates seeking work, to make sure that the message is accurately translated.

“This issue needs to be addressed from every angle to be able to make an impact, businesses need to provide opportunity, schools need to provide guidance and options and councils need to provide support and direction. When we have a cohesive network of people working together, it is only then that change can start to take place.”

The Kerslake review recommends putting together a targeted skills, training and employment policy group lead by Government departments, business leaders and the City Council.  

The review found that Birmingham has a higher proportion of lower skilled residents compared to the national average and although there has been a focus on regeneration in the city, those who lived outside the city centre had not benefited from this as they remained deprived of jobs and skills. 

The executive summary of the report describes certain areas of Birmingham as being one the most deprived, and it is feared that this will not change as adults remain low skilled and therefore alienated from new jobs. 

The review was carried out after & lsquo;Trojan Horse’ inspections were carried out at schools in Birmingham which raised concerns that the Council was not tackling key issues.

Now Careers has over 20 years’ experience within the recruitment industry, and covers core sectors Accounting and Finance, Construction and Professional Services throughout the UK. 


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