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Pertemps chairperson calls for businesses to diversify

With recent demographic shifts, advances in technology and communications, and globalization, it is clear that society is transforming at an accelerated rate. As our culture diversifies and our economy continues to recover from a recession Watson stressed that it is imperative businesses address these changes and consistently strive to remain relevant and dynamic, if they wish to survive in the shifting economic climate.

Watson, who has worked for recruiting giants Pertemps for over 38 years and is a board member of Race for Opportunity (RfO), a campaigning confederation for diversity in the workplace, recognises that for a business to best serve the market, they must “employ the market”. She asserts that a multicultural workforce with equal representations of gender, race and ability has limitless potential. A diverse team better identifies similarities and differences within societies, increases creativity and innovation, powers resources to outperform competitors, and allows individuals to achieve higher aspirations, pushing business development forward. Watson explains that, “all this, ultimately, will lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees another contributor to business efficiency”.

She highlights that regardless of race, gender, ability or qualifications, Pertemps have always operated an all-inclusive policy, and now it seems the business world is taking note with Business in the Community (BiTC) naming Pertemps among the Top 10 private sector companies for race equality, for the second consecutive year.

* The Gender and Race Benchmark 2014 publishes unranked Top 10 lists for public and private sector organisations performing on gender and race equality and inclusion in the workplace, as well as key trends.


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