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Recruiters must work with policy-makers to build best jobs market in the world, says REC

Almost 31 million people (30.7m) are currently in employment in the UK, the most since records began. Last year the recruitment industry was responsible for placing over 630,000 people into new permanent roles and for ensuring that over 1.1 million people were on temporary or contract placements on any given day. 

Despite this success, challenges remain. The REC is calling on recruiters to contact their local politicians to showcase the industry’s positive contribution to the economy and to promote a series of recommendations aimed at further strengthening the labour market, including: 

• Establish an & lsquo;all ages’ careers advice service which taps into the expertise of specialist recruiters

• Commission an independent body to review financial products to help individuals who work flexibly 

• Simplify the tax system for workers by combining National Insurance contributions and income tax  

• Encourage the take-up of employer-led vocational qualifications to ensure that the supply of skilled workers meets the demands of business  

• Expand the Shortage Occupation List to reflect current skills shortages 

• Establish a government taskforce to incentivise Local Employment Partnerships (LEPs) to become more responsive to local business 

• Use initiatives such as the REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign to encourage employers to prioritise social mobility and diversity 

• Expand the EU Services Directive to include professional recruitment agencies 

• Include the recruitment industry on all UKTI international trade delegations. 

REC chief executive Kevin Green said:  

“Recruitment professionals are on the front line of the UK jobs market, so the next government would do well to listen to the issues being voiced by our members. 

“The UK jobs market has proved its resilience during the worst downturn in living memory. We need the party or parties who form the next government to ensure they give everyone the chance to succeed through work, and accelerate business growth and job creation through skills.

“We need our national leaders to think globally and enhance our position in the international jobs market, as well as acting locally to build the best local jobs markets possible through partnerships and SME access to contracts. 

“We have an opportunity over the coming months to come together as an industry to take forward our manifesto for jobs and show what we are all about. Our aim is to work in partnership with policy-makers to build the best jobs market in the world.” 



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