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Results from the latest Indeed job index analysis

 However, clicks from job seekers have decreased six per cent in the same.

Other findings included that overall, the retail sector had the highest number of job postings in November 2014 as the need for Christmas workers continued with 162,379 positions available, although overall job postings in the sector declined by 1 per cent this month.

Despite growing by 2 per cent, the real estate sector had the lowest number of job postings this month with only 36,266 jobs advertised in November.

The hospitality sector had the largest decline in job vacancies in November, shrinking by 5 per cent since October.

Top growth industries (year on year) – change compared to November 2013

1.     Transportation (up 41 per cent)

2.     Real Estate (up 40 per cent)

3.     Construction (up 37 per cent)

4.     Hospitality (up 32 per cent)

5.     Manufacturing (up 24 per cent)

The Indeed UK monthly employment index analyses data available exclusively on the Indeed website to serve as a gauge of how key industries are performing across the UK. Analysing growth trends on both a monthly and yearly basis, Indeed sources specific information around the number of job postings advertised across the UK at any given time, the jobs available within each industry, and which areas of the UK serve as employment hubs for various industries.


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