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Surge in professional jobs in just six months highlighted by Morgan McKinley Monitor

There was a 33% increase in the number of professional jobs available in November 2014 (11,612) compared to the same month last year (8,704).

However, this rise mainly took place over the last six months with a 24% increase since June 2014 alone.

Between October 2014 and November 2014 alone, there was a 5% hike in the number of professional positions available.

The trend of falling professional job seekers continues with the numbers available in November 2014 (6,755) down 13% compared to last month (7,795) and 8% compared to November last year (7,320).

Further Insights

The number of available accountancy and finance roles in energy and utilities has dramatically increased with investment in products such as smart meters.

Smaller tech firms are competing with & lsquo;bigger brands’ for talent by being innovative in dealing with issues such as relocation and visas.

Still a jobseekers’ market: Employers are recognising this by offering permanent instead of contract roles to attract the right talent. Evidence also shows that more employers are counter-offering employees who are considering moving organisations.

There has been a surge in the number of professional jobs available in just the last six months according to the November 2014 Morgan McKinley Ireland Employment Monitor.

The Monitor recorded a huge increase in the numbers of professional jobs since this time last year but the vast majority of this hike has come since June of this year. This bodes well for 2015 according to Morgan McKinley Ireland Chief Operations Officer, Karen O’Flaherty.

“The November edition of the Morgan McKinley Employment Monitor confirms that job creation for professionals has surged ahead in the last six months. Compared to this month last year, there has been a 33% increase in the number of professional jobs available. However, the main thrust of this hike has been in the second half of the year with a 24% improvement between June and now. Not only does this speak well of the current health of the Irish economy, it bodes well as we move into 2015.

“With the number of professionals available continuing to fall, employers are becoming highly cogniscent of the need not only to attract new talent but also retain the employees they have. With that in mind, many firms are offering permanent roles where, previously, contract positions would have only been signed off for approval. Alongside this, organisations are more likely to counter offer some employees who are considering a move to a rival organisation, recognising the difficulty in trying to replace the requisite talent.

“While most sectors continue to show growth in November, there has been a swell of new jobs in accountancy & finance across the energy and utilities sectors. The energy market is on the cusp of change with investment in new assets and innovative new products such as smart meters and heating controls. This is driving demand for professionals such as risk managers, energy traders and quantitative analysts.

“Interestingly, smaller tech firms are competing with larger, more well- known companies for the same talent and are exploring innovative recruitment strategies in order to assist them. These new organisations are offering unique services not seen in larger firms with regard to relocation benefits and assistance in dealing with visa requirements.

“Other Monitor results to note relate to an increase in confidence in hiring in the construction sector with a lot more projects moving into the construction stage. However, for engineers in this sector, while there has been a rise in the number of roles available, the return of candidates from abroad along with an impressive domestic supply of candidates means that employers have a strong pool from which to choose.”


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