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The changing face of the international workforce

With so many business owners seeing age as no employment barrier, four fifths 79 per cent did admit that as their average workforce age increases they have felt the need to make additional provisions for international private medical care. The research also found that the average age of an international worker is between 26 and 45 years old, with nearly 90 per cent of all workers who move overseas fitting into this age bracket.

In light of this, having the right healthcare in place is an important element of an international workers benefits package whatever their age. The most common features of a benefits package desired by an employee as part of an international health insurance policy were listed by businesses as:

• Medical evacuation 37 per cent

• 24 hour medical helpline 29 per cent

• Choices of treating doctor and medical facility 29 per cent

• Psychiatric help 16 per cent

• Cancer cover 16 per cent

Businesses were also asked which elements of their health package their staff were most likely to use when working overseas. 24 per cent admitted to using their policy for psychiatric help and a further 20 per cent for an acute episode of a chronic condition. 17 per cent also stated that they have used the 24 hour medical helpline included in their private medical insurance package.

In spite of whether workers intend to return home or not all admitted to having similar concerns when it comes to their finances. A top consideration for employees was about the different rules surrounding taxation 32 per cent when they move overseas, while a further 28 per cent were worried about banking and pensions, with a further 15 per cent concerned about wills and inheritance. 

Beverly Cook, managing director of Expacare commented, “The research reveals that businesses overseas are increasingly hiring older international workers. While this is great news, businesses must also have in place the right healthcare provisions for this type of worker. As we age our health needs change and an international workers policy must be tailored to meet their needs.

“With more businesses looking to expand internationally they should put the health needs of their workforce first. It’s good to see that so many packages include medical evacuation and a 24 hour medical helpline as standard but chronic conditions should also be covered as these costs can quickly escalate out of control. Any business moving overseas should ensure that they have the knowledge and finances to ensure that their employees have a happy and enjoyable time working overseas.”


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