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TipTopJob and take next steps to helping our troops back to work was created by TipTopJob in order to “Help our Heroes back to work”, as its founders know first-hand just how difficult it is transitioning from the forces to civvy street.

TipTopJob stated, "With recent news of over 8000 troops being de-mobbed / sent home from Camp Bastian, Helmand Province, Afghanistan and it would seem that our own government have made little provision for our Heroes who have daily laid down their lives so we may live ours in relative safety. It is no longer enough to put &pound1 in the poppy sellers tin and think we have done our bit. We have a duty of care to HELP OUR HEROES BACK TO WORK that bit quicker and that is what we are doing with a website devoted for them!

"TipTopJob created to be included as one of the growing specialist jobsites in the network covering 61 Industries, and have already contacted thousands of businesses in the UK to get the website not only populated with job opportunities but promises of taking and retraining the troops to help them back to mainstream civilisation that bit quicker. Leading from the front, TipTopJob and have taken the necessary steps themselves and have begun recruitment of ex-services via Mission Motorsport into sales and admin roles to re-train them and assist them to being placed into a permanent role anywhere in the 83 Countries where we are present.

"NOW is the time when not only your Country needs you ....but the Heroes do too – they need help and understanding to get a job in a commercial environment and be re-trained where necessary."

Mike Dauncey, chief executive of TipTopJob, states, “Action is required and Action is what will be applied by TipTopJob leading from the front. will be providing free recruitment job advertising on the jobsite – no strings attached – and are encouraging everyone and anyone to get involved in this worthy cause and recruit one of the many ex-forces into an apprentice role, temporary, contract or permanent placement. ”

Major James Cameron, founder and CEO of Mission Motorsport, said, “It is refreshing to be working with such a passionate organisation who have gone full steam ahead to work with us. We are confident that this opportunity will prove to be a successful one!”


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