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Are job boards Friend or Foe?

By: Suzie Tobias, managing director at Strike Jobs

Over the years having been on both sides of the Job Board market I have found that being a user and a provider gives you a great insight into what Clients need. Its like thinking about being divorced and actually being divorced. In reality,  a very different perspective.

When I was a user it was always the boards fault, the technical didnt work and the responses not up to the standard I wanted. Being picking and demanding as a Recruiter it was never my fault obviously! Looking at this from the other side of the coin I now see how both sides need to work much more closely with each other to achieve a harmonious relationship, otherwise it will in fact end in an expensive Divorce!

Customer service is without question under par with the majority of the major players.
The top four job boards generally have the same big company attitude, we have the market by the cohunes approach to business so we can charge what we like.

Our philosophy has and always will be to be affordable for the small and larger companies and give as much advice and support as possible for as little expenditure.

The person that loads your vacancies is actually the most important person in your company.
Strange as this may sound its true. If the job is loaded incorrectly, spelling errors or vague job titles are the main problems we incur. If companies load vacancies with simple and accurate titles then the response rate is far far greater. The amount of job descriptions that are frankly Kindle worthy are incredible along with so complex and skills demanding that they may be three people in the whole of the UK that actually qualify. The chances of one of them applying are pretty slim.

Only yesterday we received a lovely email from a new Client(rude one actually) who had loaded his vacancy for 12 hours at a 15K per annum salary for an experienced HR Administrator, based in Berkshire, with minimum 3 Fluent languages and complained that he had not had enough response!!!! We are only human after all. Its like walking into a Bentley showroom and asking if you can have the car in the window for 20K. NOT going to happen.

Our site has 82,000 pages, with over 15,000 vacancies in 46 sectors. In 18 months our hit rate has been just under 2M visitors or which we are proud and month on month we are growing but PLEASE people work with us, we are NOT the enemy.


We have created extra sites that now run alongside our main site to help with the traffic
We also have 46 location specific sites across the UK - and etc These site help to generate local Candidates for local companies.

You cant say we dont try !

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