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Best graduate prospects in 10 years!

The report looks into top graduate employers and their intentions to take them on at the end of their studies.  This year has seen a massive increase of prospects for graduates – the highest in 10 years!

The full report can be found here.

Neil Clough, managing director of Prime commented, “In the economic downturn, we have seen a rather significant trend emerging among graduates. With their prospects of employment considerably reduced, an increasing number of first-year students proactively sought out work experience in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

“This has continued as the economy has strengthened, meaning that we now have graduates with considerable previous experience and employers looking for an increasing number of roles. At Prime, we have seen a marked increase in graduates approaching us for work placements, which was highlighted as the key to securing a top role by the recent High Fliers study.

“As well as this, the increase in tuition fees has led to a growing number of students entering university with a clear idea of not just the degree they are interested in, but the career. This has led to a greater focus when it comes to jobs, and therefore a higher success rate.

“However, there are still a notable percentage of graduates that remain unsure. With this in mind, we offer those that are exploring a career in sales free training days. We find that this offers a great way for the graduate to experience the sector and provide advice and transferrable skills going forward.”


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