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Entrepreneur Simon Thompson launches SimonsJobNetwork

Through his own experience of placing job listings on generic recruitment sites and experiencing minimal response, Mr Thompson has built a comprehensive collection of niche job sites specific to locations or industry areas, such as or provides the platform for users to easily access each of these sites, which are uniform in design and functionality, guaranteeing the same high quality and simple user experience across the board.

Businesses can advertise jobs on any of the sites from as little as &pound10, with the most recent job posted sitting at the top of the home page, guaranteeing visibility to every listing.  Jobs can be posted within minutes and are always 100% relevant to the category, whether it be by industry area or location.  This subsequently means all of the sites within SimonsJobNetwork perform well on the leading search engines for highly targeted keywords.

From a candidate’s perspective, the network avoids wasting time looking at jobs which are not relevant and provides the opportunity to list a CV with one click using Linked In. This also enables employers to find suitable candidates more quickly and easily and for free.

Simon Thompson comments “I was tired of paying through the nose for job listings which sit on generic sites and don’t reach the right candidates. It’s a waste of a jobseekers’ time as much as it is to the business with a position to fill. So, with job hunting and recruiting often like a needle in a haystack, and my background in developing user led online businesses, I understand what a site needs in order to be visible and the metrics of search so people can find exactly what they are looking for with minimal clicks. I have simply created a network of sites which will help connect jobseekers and employers in a faster, easier and more cost efficient way.”

So confident in the service that SimonsJobNetwork offers, Mr Thompson decided to put his own name to it rather than selecting a company name. “I have carefully built the sites over a period of time and although all characterized in a similar way, I just felt they lacked a bit of identity. Now there is a central hub for the business and I am prepared to put my name against it and be accountable for the services we provide. We offer a 100% money back guarantee to all advertisers if they are not completely satisfied with the service they receive! I can’t think of a single other job board that has this offer!”


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