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HR professionals risk losing the war for talent unless they collaborate with PR and marketing

At a time when the competition for global talent is increasing, results from the recent Cielo Talent Activation Index have revealed that just 13% of poor performing organisations rated the quality of the company Employer Value Proposition (EVP) as very effective in attracting talent. This is compared to 86% of leading businesses.

This suggests that HR teams need to create a compelling and engaging EVP through more effective communication strategies or risk losing the war for talent. According to Cielo, this can be achieved through collaborating with PR and marketing experts, as Sue Brooks, Cielo’s Chief Innovation Officer, explains:

“HR professionals are great at the people management element expected of the function, but communication in this digital world is perhaps out of the comfort zone of many such individuals. However, given that a company’s PR or marketing team will have the expert skills to create compelling communications strategies that truly engage with the target audience, HR must collaborate more with these teams.”

“Human resources professionals have a lot on their shoulders at the moment – particularly given the growing competition for staff and the ever-changing needs of talent. But it can’t be overlooked that these experts don’t need to manage all people related issues on their own. Utilising the likes of communications experts will only aid the success of a corporate EVP.”


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