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Major shift in traditional recruitment practices required to identify real game changers

Nathan Ott, CEO of eg.1, talent and business insight firm, says, “Everyone wants to recruit someone who has that & lsquo;special something’ but the reality is very few organisations go about recruitment and talent management the right way to identify them.

“Organisations will die a slow death if they continue recruiting in the same old traditional way. By setting an assessment criteria based on things like previous job role, industry experience and vanilla competency frameworks organisations are missing out. Recruiters need to spend more time really getting to know their potential candidates – only then will they start to understand whether they have the DNA of a Game Changer.”

The research – conducted in two phases – a qualitative study of senior business leaders and quantitative research, in partnership with Dialogue, identifies ten key behaviours of a Game Changer:

&middot         Big picture thinkers

&middot         Very strategic

&middot         High on vigour

&middot         Creative idea generators

&middot         Passionate about the idea

&middot         Ambitious, obsessive drive to succeed

&middot         Risk takers

&middot         Strong influencers of people (above and below)

&middot         Great at articulating a vision

&middot         Likeable

?Ott commented, “Leaders need game changing individuals, at every level across their organisation, who can see ahead of the curve, are willing to take risks and have the drive to make change.

“Just because someone doesn’t fit into the current model doesn’t mean they won’t achieve. It will be the organisations that are successful in identifying people with this DNA and create the right environment for them to thrive that will be the winners in the decade to come.”

Other key findings:

84% of leaders/managers do not believe a Game Changer has to hold a senior role in an organisation

Two-thirds (61%) of leaders/managers say they believe natural qualities in Game Changers can be further nurtured to aid the fulfillment of their Game Changer potential

Leaders/managers believe Game Changers add most value to the business with:

1.     Innovation and creativity (56%)

2.     Instigating change (39%)

3.     Strategic thinking (36%)


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