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The Invest/R Group: launch

The Invest&brvbarR Group consists of six highly-focused, market-leading brands with 250 employees, turnover of &pound45million and &pound5m annual profit.

The Invest&brvbarR Group’s component companies are: SF Group, Timothy James Consulting, 360 Resourcing Solutions, Matt Burton Associates, SJC Partners and CV Knowhow.

These brands place qualified professionals in to the following sectors: finance & accounting, HR, programme & project management, oil & gas, education, technology and leisure.

In the last few years, Tristan Ramus led the creation of Human Capital Investment Group (HCIG). The recent successful exit of this platform demonstrated the value creation potential of a multi-brand, specialist recruitment investment platform. He and the TIG Executive Board now seek to replicate this success.

The Invest&brvbarR Group is centred around the core investment in SF Group that was made in 2012. Since then TIG has grown its profitability more than six times. TIG’s Main Board, consisting of the Executive Board and the CEOs of each portfolio business, is committed to an accelerated growth programme over the next three years, which will be driven by a combination of organic growth, strategic acquisitions and seed capital investment.

Tristan Ramus, chairman of TIG, commented, “Following the highly-successful exit of HCIG I am able to use my wealth and expertise to provide support for entrepreneurs and business owners to realise the full potential of their businesses: that is hugely rewarding for me. The TIG board has a track record of creating significant value and use their expertise to provide both strategic and operational support to the CEOs of our portfolio businesses.”

Adam Fletcher, M&A director for TIG, said, “I genuinely believe the creation of the group and our independence will mean we can accelerate our M&A activity even more. We are constantly exploring new opportunities in the professional services staffing sectors, both investments in mature businesses and seed capital backing to start-ups. I welcome approaches from ambitious, entrepreneurial recruitment leaders who want to increase and realise the value of their companies in partnership with TIG.”

Daniel Stuart-Smith, investment director for TIG, said, “TIG presents a unique opportunity for successful business owners to partner with specialist operator-investors and a like-minded peer group of entrepreneurs. Together, we accelerate organic and inorganic growth and sustainable value-creation in each of our portfolio companies. We are the fastest-growing professional recruitment investment platform in the UK and we are on a clear path to realise value over the next two to three years.”

Tony Minnis ACMA, former Finance Director with Northern Foods and CEO of SF Group, has been appointed as Chief Finance Officer of TIG with a particular focus on creating a best-in-class Shared Service Centre, supporting the portfolio businesses with Finance, IT, Administration, HR and Learning & Development support.

Please email if you are:

- a successful, experienced recruiter who would like to find out about joining a TIG portfolio company

- an ambitious business owner who wants to dramatically accelerate the growth of your business as part of The Invest|R Group

- an entrepreneurial consultant who believes you can build your own recruitment brand with the backing of The Invest|R Group

The Invest|R Group invests in high-growth, specialist professional staffing and recruitment companies. We are one of the fastest-growing and most innovative white-collar recruitment groups in the UK. We consist of six market-leading brands and are on a rapid, sustainable programme of value creation through investment and continuous organic expansion.


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