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Thornhvac launches 2015 survey to find the UKs best HVAC employers

The research follows a report published in the autumn by Thornhvac that revealed the best air conditioning companies to work for. 

The latest study will take a more in-depth look at the air-conditioning sector as well as seeking opinions on ventilation and commercial heating to find out which manufacturers make the best employers and why. 

Jason Thornhill, director of Thornhvac, said, “Our initial research provided some useful findings, particularly in relation to the things that high-perfomers are looking for in an employer.

“Companies that offered good service and technical support to customers scored most highly and employees were also attracted by a strong brand and product range.”

Three separate surveys, each covering a different sector, will run throughout 2015 and will be promoted through social media in an effort to gather as much data as possible from a wide cross-section of HVAC employees.

Thornhill said the aim was to find out what the leading companies are doing right and what all manufacturers can do to attract and retain good staff. 

“The bigger the sample, the more valuable the results for manufacturers that are keen to attract the best people in the industry,” he said. 


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