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Transline Group response to Channel 4s Dispatches

Transline said, "Assertions made in the Channel 4 Dispatches programme were incorrect and not based on fact. We provided Channel 4's programme makers - Firecrest Films, with extensive, detailed, factual information that addressed the programme's inaccurate claims.

"We are extremely disappointed that our contribution was ignored and disregarded. We are regularly audited by our clients and consistently exceed their requirements. All our methods of supply are 100% compliant with UK legislation. As the correct version of events was not reported, we have instructed our lawyers to issue proceedings against Channel 4 and Firecrest Films for defamation due to the inaccuracy of the statements which have been made about us and our customer in this programme. The points below clarify some of the misreported issues in the programme:

No workers are being paid below the applicable national minimum rate.

 All employees supplied to the Grimethorpe site referred to within the TV documentary are paid a minimum of &pound6.77 per hour for the work that they carry out on the Grimethorpe site and no employees are paid &pound3.08 an hour, or indeed any less than &pound6.77 per hour.

The employees are paid the same rates of pay as their directly employed comparator from the moment they start work. They do not need to wait for 12 weeks to be treated equally.

Employees are not systematically released before they complete 12 weeks, as the site operates a pay parity policy there are no additional contractual rights to be gained after 12 weeks, therefore employee benefits remain consistent throughout.

Since September 2013, 1,300 Transline employees have secured permanent employment, by way of their placement through Transline Group at Grimethorpe site.

In regard to the GLA, Transline did not pay any employees below the applicable national minimum wage and the GLA has retracted its press statement accordingly. Transline only had one GLA client which accounted for less than 0.5% of its turnover. Due to the onerous bureaucracy around the application process, it was not commercially viable to continue."


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