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Workers willing to move country for the right job, according to survey

The study found that one in five (21%) are willing to move to another continent and a further 17% are willing to move to another country, with one in ten (11%) prepared to relocate in-country to another county or region. Over one in ten (12%) are willing to move to another town.

In terms of the preferred destination for relocation, workers in Europe would opt to move within Europe (48%). The second most popular option was North America at 17%.

The other locations mentioned were:

•             Asia-Pacific: preferred option for 7% of European workers 

•             South America: 4%

•             Africa: 3%

•             Middle East: 2%

With regard to the preferred type of organisation, 44% of workers would rather work for a global company – more than three times the number who would choose to work for a national company (13%), or a regional one (8%).

According to Deb Pettingill, UK operations director, “As we enter 2015, many of us will be assessing our careers and what we want from our working lives. As this research shows, employees are increasingly mobile and willing to move for the right job. Workers clearly value their professional growth and personal fulfilment, and are prepared to take significant steps to achieve them if necessary.”

The Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) surveyed approximately 230,000 people across 31 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Complete findings are published in a new report, Worker Preferences and Workplace Agility.


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