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20% of workers lie about their job title

The survey by of 2000 UK respondents sought to reveal workers’ perceptions of different job titles.

Workers weren’t just asked about their own job titles, they also indicated what they believed were the most respected and hated professions. Surgeon topped the list of most respected professions at 33.25 percent, just beating doctor at 31.35 per cent.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly traffic warden is the most hated profession at 47.85 per cent, miles ahead of call centre operator at 11.90 per cent.

Other hated professions include politicians, bankers and estate agents.

When asked their dream job popular responses were actor, artist, astronaut, CEO, doctor, footballer, pilot, teacher and travel writer.

Popular nightmare jobs included waste engineer, call centre operator, cleaner, a fast food worker, nurse, office worker, police officer, sales person, teacher, traffic warden, undertaker and waiter.


Other findings from the survey include:

- 24.85 per cent of the population believes that their love life.

- Over 10 per cent of 35-44 year olds have had more than three jobs in the past two years

- Of all the age groups surveyed, those aged 55 and over seem to hate traffic wardens the most (62.56 per cent)!

- 10 per cent of the population admit that having connections got them their current job.


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