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Apprenticeship scheme recruits talent into Barker Ross

Working with training providers like Positive Outcomes, Barker Ross has put together a programme to offer apprenticeships, to school and college leavers aged between 16 and 23 years old, in recruitment and support roles across its companies. It currently has 17 full time apprentices working in the business.

Paul Ross, chief executive at Barker Ross says: "One of the biggest challenges recruitment companies face today is finding and keeping the best people in an increasingly competitive market. Recruitment costs are high, so, if possible, developing, training and retaining your own staff is a better choice than recruiting new people on a regular basis. To do the best job for our clients we have to have the best people. Developing our own apprenticeship scheme is a new way to find and develop good people and the early signs are very positive."

& lsquo;Recruitment consultant' probably doesn't often feature in any list of career choices for school leavers. Many people get into recruitment as they know someone in it already or are expertly recruited into it by the recruiters themselves. The apprenticeship schemes are a new route, as school leavers entering apprentice schemes are being alerted to opportunities by career advisers or training professionals. This means that companies like Barker Ross are attracting some very capable people who have made the decision to enter straight in to the world of work and build up their skill set rather than go to university.

Working with Barker Ross is Positive Outcomes, a national organisation specialising in work-based training, corporate training and apprenticeships. It is one of the top 10 independent training providers in the UK. With its head office in the East Midlands, Positive Outcomes works in partnership with Barker Ross to identify suitable apprentices, then recruit them as well as developing the training programme and managing feedback.

The Barker Ross apprentices are offered full time job opportunities, allowing time for training and development. Critical to the programme is on-the-job learning, using skills and knowledge from the existing workforce, as well as focused online training and sector specific skills training where required.

Paul Ross, chief executive concludes,

"Although you have to be committed and put in the effort to create a good apprentice scheme with real learning opportunities, the results for us in developing our workforce have been excellent. We are getting really dedicated, motivated and well trained people working for us throughout the scheme and joining us at the end of it as permanent employees. It has delivered all we expected and more and we will be expanding the scheme in the future."Anchor

"The whole industry needs to think how to attract the best people and highlight the fact that recruitment offers excellent prospects and the sector has been growing in terms of its contribution to the UK economy. Investing in our apprenticeship scheme is one way of attracting talent into the industry."


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