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Cammio launches FREE online video pitch

European video recruitment platform Cammio announced today the launch of its free online video pitch tool. The tool is built on the award-winning Cammio video recruitment platform and contributes to Cammio’s ambition to help candidates add personality to their CV. Available on and, candidates can easily access the video pitch tool on their desktop or mobile device to create a video pitch and add it to their job application. Recruiters can also invite a limited number of candidates per month to create a video pitch as part of the application process and benefit from a more personal way of hiring.

The Cammio free video pitch allows candidates to add personality to their CV with a short 30-second video recording showcasing their personal motivation. The pitch is available for 30 days and a maximum 100 views. Both employers and candidates can access the video pitch tool on or educational website to create a video pitch in only a few clicks. Now candidates have another, more personal, way to express interest in the organization and role they are applying for. Video helps recruiters gain a better first impression of candidates and at the same time helps candidates to stand out amongst other applicants. The free video pitch is made available next to the paid Cammio end-to-end video recruitment platform that offers a full range of video interviewing functionality and comes with full branding, custom workflows and API integration capabilities.

& lsquo;’Our ambition is to bring job candidates to life with a visual first impression,’’ said Walter Hueber, co-founder and CEO of Cammio. & lsquo;’We already work with a wide range of employers across industries with our innovative video recruitment platform that also offers live and automated video interviews. Our clients use Cammio to enhance their pre-screening process and increase overall recruitment efficiency, while providing a best-in-class candidate experience. There are, however, many more candidates that are still stuck with cover letters or text-based motivation fields in an application form. Our free online video pitch is now available to any job candidate and allows them to simply record a personal motivation and add it to their application. We believe that it will help more candidates to stand out with their application and help improve their career opportunities ”

Earlier this month Cammio already announced the release of the world’s first web-based video interview application, as part of its new mobile video recruitment solution suite for candidates. Featuring an installation free mobile video interviewing application for Android devices and an installed App for iOS devices, the suite enables an industry leading mobile video interview workflow for job applicants on the Cammio platform. Candidates using the Cammio video pitch can now also create a professional video pitch on mobile or tablet in only a few minutes. The unique combination of the mobile suite and free video pitch tool further strengthens Cammio’s unique offering to employers and candidates around the world.


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