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de Poels Tempo wound up in December

Joe Tully, de Poel managing director, said, "Tempo was an alliance for recruitment agencies and hirers, committed to raising standards in the temporary recruitment industry. In December 2014 Tempo ceased trading. The decision to terminate tempo was not taken lightly.  However, after much consideration, we felt that the ambitions and goals of tempo are best pursued through the de Poel framework.

"While we were delighted by many of the achievements of tempo, particularly the commitment of the elected steering group, we have made the decision to focus activity on raising standards across all of our supplier base and achieving greater recognition for the economic and social contribution made by high quality agencies.

"We will continue to engage with both agencies and users as part of our existing efforts to move industry standards forward and will focus on the foundation work tempo has already taken with Government and Government bodies."

Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, commented, “It’s not a great surprise to learn de Poel’s Tempo experiment didn’t prove to be sustainable. We had concerns about the model and the motivations behind it from the outset. Response from our members ranged from sceptical to angry about the conditions and fees de Poel sought to impose upon them for access to work via Tempo, whilst claiming to be able to fairly represent the interests of both clients and agencies. We were robust in challenging de Poel’s top management about their treatment of agencies at the start and won some important concessions early on.  In the end, as so often in our very practical industry, common sense prevailed. As a professional body of over 80 years’ standing we know the importance of offering value and quality to our members. Recruiters were free to make their own decisions about the value offered by the Tempo proposition and voted with their feet.”



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