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Dream Careers for Great Romantics

With Valentines Day just around the corner CV-Library have put together a list of jobs for the candidate who just loves love, so we thought wed share them with you. What job was close to your heart before recruitment?

By CV-Library

Looking for love, happily settled, or just wishing life was a little more rom-com? With Valentines Day just around the corner, weve compiled our list of the top eight romantic jobs and dream careers. Search for a job youll fall in love with at CV-Library.

Bridal Sales Assistant

If you adore everything about weddings, working as a Bridal Sales Assistant could be a natural choice for you. This customer-orientated sales role could be right for anyone with a passion for weddings and experience of selling high quality, low-volume stock. Benefits of this role include the ever-expanding magnificence of your Wedding Inspiration scrapbook and the fact that no one can tell you to stop daydreaming about your perfect day.

Wedding Consultant

As many good rom-coms have told us this is the perfect role for finding love. Increase your chances of finding a soul mate by attending every single one of your weddings and keeping an eye on that cousin of the groom who scrubs up surprisingly well.


Chocolate the international language of love. The way to a potential mates heart is almost always through the stomach, so get the edge on other singles with your expertise, recipes and constant warm, chocolatey aroma (we assume). Plus, we can think of few conversation starters better than, I test chocolate for a living, what do you do? Become a chocolatier by starting out in the world of food technology and specialising in confectionary.


On that token, working as a florist can be equally as romantic, as your world becomes one long Valentines/anniversary/birthday. You may find love blossoming, too youll be an arty, creative type and theyll be a kooky singleton ordering a last-minute bouquet for their mother. Its possible to train in floristry, but a career in the field is also obtainable with the right mix of natural skill and a great CV/Cover Letter.


You may not find many options for a matchmaker on CV-Library, but with even more of us looking for love online, your skills could be put to good use working for the team behind your favourite dating site. Cue the warm, fuzzy feelings as your hard work helps thousands find love.


While away your afternoon in your own little dream world as you tap away at a romantic article, short story or novel. Full-time jobs in this industry can be sparse; however there are many freelance opportunities available. Contact local publications as a starting point!

Marriage Counsellor

You dont have to be settled down to perform as a great marriage counsellor, but you do need to have a spot-on understanding of human psychology and what makes relationships successful. Work as a marriage therapist and use your skills to mend broken hearts and soothe troubled souls seeing your expertise bring people together can be very rewarding. Step into this career by training in relationship therapy. Search available courses here.

Greeting Card Designer

If your talent lies in illustration, poetry or a combination of both, you might like to try your hand at designing greeting cards. Where a single four line verse can earn you hundreds of pounds, get it right and you could be rolling it in. These days there are cards for every occasion, so whether you fancy writing about new love, old love, back-together-again-love or best-friend-love, if youve got a great idea for a greeting you could well see your design become reality. Routes into this career include web design, print design, or copywriting.


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