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Emerson transforms traditional and social recruitment

Tasked with winning the recruitment battle in a competitive graduate and gen Y talent market, Emerson devised a new global strategic approach to recruitment that decreased talent acquisition costs and increased performance – relying heavily on engaging talent across social platforms.

By implementing Lumesse recruiting solutions in 2011, the business was able to streamline its system so that it could implement customised global processes, such as reporting and job postings to the right channels, while still being flexible enough to cater for local system needs. In doing so, Emerson could easily compile and analyse the data fed back into the system from these activities needed to inform future strategic business decisions. The system can be accessed in 22 languages and can manage high volumes of job posts so that the company could ultimately bring recruitment in-house and reduce costs in doing so. 

With up to 1,500 jobs on offer daily, Emerson also integrated Lumesse’s applicant tracking system within its career portal on Emerson’s website so that company administrators could analyse and track candidate profiles and demographics that came from social media, such as LinkedIn, to spot trends and patterns and inform strategic recruitment decisions. 

Tim Potten, head of global talent acquisition at Emerson states, “With a shrinking talent pool, we needed to think and act differently to target millennials and attract new talent. The perfect marriage of great technology, underpinned by Lumesse, plus knowledge from our in-house recruiters, has transformed the way we recruit.”

Thomas Volk, CEO at Lumesse said, “With a stronger economy, and more competition for the best talent, it’s a job seekers market. The very best candidates expect brands to engage with them, and make it easy to find job openings on the social platforms that they use the most. By including social recruitment as part of an innovative social strategy, underpinned by the right technology, businesses will be in the best position to take advantage of the opportunity to proactively identify and communicate with potential candidates.”


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