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Hosted IT, the answer to new data protection requirements?

K3 Hosting has issued the warning at a time when the recruitment industry is poised to accept new

Data Protection Regulations (DPR), expected to be finalised later this year. The proposed regulations will be more specific about what businesses can and can’t do with regards to data, and penalties for data protection breaches will go up to &euro100m (&pound78.3m). The regulations state that recruitment agencies must be more diligent over who they share candidate details with, and therefore makes a secure IT infrastructure crucial in the face of ever-present hacking threats.

K3 Hosting’s head of channel and alliances, Stuart Buckley explained, “Data security has never been more important for recruitment companies, and even if new DPR plans don’t come into effect for another two years, now is the time for recruitment businesses to start thinking about securing their IT platforms. A hosted IT platform provides highly controllable security features, almost completely removing the possibility of data theft and can also take the burgeoning data responsibilities of recruitment businesses out of their hands, and into the hands of experts. ”

In particular, K3 Hosting points to global recruitment corporations, which may provide services in Europe, but process data outside of the continent. These businesses have the extra burden of ensuring that their data still adheres to European standards, adding extra effort and headache to data analysts. 

The introduction of the anticipated DPR comes as Microsoft also prepares to pull extended support for its Windows 2003 Operating System later this year, presenting another threat to recruitment businesses still utilising the ageing platform. Businesses that continue using the operating system risk incurring higher support charges and are putting their data privacy at risk.

A hosted IT platform, according to K3 Hosting, can eliminate all these issues with one single solution. Buckley concluded, “Lots of fast growing, and globalising recruitment businesses are expanding more quickly than their existing IT infrastructures can cope with. A widespread move over to a hosted IT platform not only provides greater scalability and security, but comes with other added benefits such as disaster recovery, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities for remote working, and fast, secure management of high staff turnovers. 

“And there are cost benefits too – no software licences, Service Level Agreement assurance and reduced asset depreciation. As more and more IT and data challenges are being thrown at recruitment companies, the switch to a hosted IT platform is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition.”


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