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Interim medics want flexible hours, engaging and diverse roles

It reveals an expectation for flexible hours and the ability to work across multiple interests.The survey, which was carried out between November and December 2014, suggests that the Life Sciences industry needs to adopt a flexible approach to attracting Interim Medics if they seek to engage the very best from this sought-after talent pool.

Interims maintain a diverse client portfolio

50% of Interim Medics work three days or less per week with any single client. They maintain a portfolio of clients with less than one third choosing to work a full five day week with a single client.

Dafydd Wright, RSA Director of Interims commented:  “The best Interims are very selective about who they work for, and when. Life Sciences companies can no longer take a default position that people would want to work a standard full working week.”

Interims are strategic short term hires, not only gap-fillers

Traditionally Interims have been perceived as flexible resources to cover gaps or to rescue failing projects. However the survey reveals that this is not the case. Clients are choosing to engage Interim Medics as strategic short-term hires and Interim Medics are selective in the assignments they choose to accept. 70% of Interims are engaged to deliver specific expert advice or to work on specific projects at the outset.

“Executive Interims take immense pride in the services they deliver, who they deliver them to

and the types of projects they see as attractive,” says Wright.

Executive Interim providers are vital

Many Interim Medics do not find their clients alone, the survey revealed. Nearly half (45%) of respondents rely on an Executive Interim provider to secure their contracts. Experienced providers, such as RSA, are able to use their global networks and actively represent the Interim to the client. This approach also benefits clients because the providers are able to advise them on the best-fit candidates ensuring that the Interim is & lsquo;on target’ from day one.

Market rates revealed

The RSA survey reaffirms the fee-expectation for this group of professionals. Overall, 70% of Interim Medics reported earning between &pound1,000 and &pound1,500 a day, with an elite group (8%) achieving earnings above even this. Only 25% of respondents were earning between &pound800 and &pound1,000 a day.

Hiring organisations need to be aware of the realities of the Interim Medic market and what it takes to engage the most talented individuals. Dafydd Wright explains: “Grey matter stimulation, combined with flexibility, are the key attributes companies need to offer in order to swiftly engage an Interim Medic’s attention.”

To access the 'RSA Executive Interim Survey 2014 – Medics' and learn more about the realities of the Executive Interim Medic market, visit:


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