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ISV Software launches new website goes live this month and enables individuals to invest in their own training and skill development.

ISV Software are known for their skills testing and training product, FastPath, which is used by recruiters and HR professionals globally. The company is launching the new website aimed specifically at candidates to develop their skill base and increase their employability factor.

Individuals can choose from a range of training programs including the Microsoft Officerange of products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook), accounting package Sage Line 50and softer skills like touch typing and business letter writing. Plus there are career coaching courseson interview techniques, CV writing and confidence building available. All the training can be accessed online. It is broken into modules so the learner can pace themselves, dipping in and out, or revisiting topics as required.

Managing director of ISV, Amanda Davies, said, “Many of our recruiters have access to the training through FastPath already but we want to encourage candidates to take ownership for their careers and their personal development. By investing in any training, individuals stand out from the crowd, develop their skills and can dramatically boost their chance of employment.”


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